Leopard Shark

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Brand new species caught by one of the best in the game!!! The wait is over, Shark Sox are here!!!

Captain Virginia Salvador also know as @unforgettable_virginia was asked to find us a beautiful example of this sea creature, and within just a few days she had the perfect shark!!!

The leopard shark is one of the most common sharks along the coast of California. It’s a beautiful, slender fish with silvery-bronze skin, patterned with dark ovals that stretch in a neat row across its back. (Look closely at the dark spots — the older a leopard shark is, the paler the interior of the spots.) Sturdy, triangular pectoral fins are matched by two dorsal fins and a long, tapered tail swishes gracefully back and forth.

Hand printed in USA by the Fish Sox Family, they have a true connection to these sea creatures.

Athletic sock, super comfortable, ready for a day on, or off the water.