Red Drum Fish Sox

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We have a brand new Red!!! The Red Drum have numerous names depending on who you ask. Know as redfish, channel bass, puppy drum, spottail bass, or simply red, this game fish is found in the Atlantic Ocean from Massachusetts to Florida. Also found in the Gulf of Mexico from Florida to northern Mexico.

A fun fish to target, and some say just as fun on your dinner plate. These fish have a distinct mark normally on their tail... a rounded black dot, some even have them along their back. Hard to miss, these are a beautiful creature.

This beautiful fish was caught and photographed by Laura Fox. We wouldn't be surprised if Laura AKA "Salty Fox" was born with her own set of gills.  She comes from a long line of professional watermen. Growing up between Santa Cruz, Ca and Sunset Beach, Oahu fishing has always been a big part of her upbringing. After WW2 her grandfather was a boat builder on the North Shore of Oahu (Suratt Boat Company) and many in her family are in commercial tuna fishing today.

Today Laura lives a bicoastal life between Florida, California and Hawaii. You can find her surf casting for Stripers and Halibut, offshore fishing for an assortment of pelagic fish and inshore fishing chasing Snook, Sea Trout and of course these beautiful/unique Reds.  

Story behind the fish: After fishing in the mangroves on a skiff all day and coming home skunked Laura decided to grab her rod and try her luck from shore. She caught this beautiful Red Drum from off a boardwalk lookout right before dark. 

We are proud to have Laura as a Fish Sox Ambassador not only because she is a great female angler with a true passion for the ocean but also because she embodies the aloha spirit and is a ton of fun to fish with! 

These hand printed socks are an athletic design ready to handle a day on the water, yet comfortable enough to wear lounging around the house.


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