Bonefish Fish Socks

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Bonefish... take a deep breath, pack your bags, and get some sun protection because you're in for an adventure.

These fish are sneaky. Bonefish ride the tide feeding on small critters in clean sea grass and mud flats. They are so smart they follow sting rays in the shallows letting them do the work of uprooting food. Finding them is just a small part of the equation, hooking them, then landing them, well, good luck. Normally targeted with a fly rod in shallow inshore water, bonefish are found in Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Southern Florida, and if you know the right people, even Hawaii.

Honored to have a photo from Fins and Fly Creative to produce this sock. Looks so good it just might become your "Sunday Sock" definitely church worthy.

The color of bonefish has a huge range depending on their environment and food source. Normally Silver but often with an olive hue, this is a beautiful fish.

Hand printed on athletic socks in USA.